What if we all got to pretend we didn’t know right from wrong?

screenshot by Sorcha Monk

SCOTUS screwed us with Qualified Immunity

I’d sure like some of that Qualified Immunity

Teaching Social Studies could fix the world, but they don’t want us to know that.

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Social Studies affects every part of our lives. Why Does it Get Treated Like an Elective?

I was a Social Studies teacher and I was irrelevant

Getting tickets to Disneyland reminded me how much we are watched.

screenshot by Sorcha Monk

Let’s go to Disneyland!

Covering my face and staying away from people has actually been quite refreshing

photo by Sorcha Monk

Hi, I’m Sorcha and I’m an introvert

Please just let us be regular people

screenshot by Sorcha Monk

Note I found stuck in my car door; photo by Sorcha Monk

photo by Sorcha Monk

Sorcha Monk

Where's my soapbox? I've got a few opinions I'd like to share.

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